What does mixed-delivery mean for children?

  • Mixed-delivery is an opportunity for eligible 4-year-olds to participate in full-day, full-year preschool. Children will attend publicly-funded preschool in private settings. Children are in one high-quality setting the entire time their parents are at work. This removes the need for bus transportation from home to preschool and back home midday, or from home to preschool to child care provider.  Children in mixed-delivery classrooms will have access to the same quality features that are available in other publicly-funded preschool classrooms, such as curriculum that meets children’s needs and educators who receive professional supports.

What does mixed-delivery mean for families?

  • Mixed-delivery allows families the option of choosing a high-quality, publicly funded, private preschool provider that meets their child’s needs and their family’s preferences.  Mixed Delivery partnerships do more than provide preschool—they provide families with flexible options that meet their needs, such as matching work schedules for parents to availability of care for children.

What does mixed-delivery mean for school districts?

  • Mixed-delivery preschool provides the opportunity for school districts to work with private early childhood care and education providers, who are already known and trusted by families in communities, to expand access to publicly funded preschool services. This can be especially effective in districts with limited funds or where school facilities have limited space for preschool classrooms, to reduce need for capital/construction costs. By developing public-private partnerships to increase access to preschool for 4-year-olds, more children will enter school with the necessary skills to be successful.

What does mixed-delivery mean for private early childhood providers?

  • Mixed-delivery preschool provides public funding to serve children who meet Kentucky Division of Child Care benchmarks for quality and safety in private early childhood care and education settings. This program allows licensed providers to increase access to high-quality preschool for children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend and increases resources to better maintain quality in child care.
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Director of Early Childhood Policy & Practice

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