September 2022 Connections

01. For Families

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Applications are now being accepted for the 2022-2023 Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership Fellowship. The deadline for submission is September 23rd, 2022. For more information or to apply- CIPL Fellowship – Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence

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Activate! National Cohort:  Supported by PNC Grow Up Great® and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Activate! National Early Childhood Advocacy Network brings BIPOC parenting adults and early childhood practitioners together to work on challenges in the early childhood (EC) field. The goal targets equity in areas most affecting underrepresented families farthest from opportunity. Led by national nonprofit organization the National Center for Families Learning (NCFL), the Activate! Network is recruiting 2–3 parenting adult and EC practitioner pairs from up to 10 different communities across the United States for its second cohort. Each pair (parenting adult and EC practitioner) will participate in network programming together. This is a fantastic opportunity for early childhood organizations who support parent and family leadership and are seeking to amplify parent voice in their work! Interested? Please watch our promo video here and in Spanish here. If you need more information, please email our program lead Patricia Bebe at to schedule a call, virtual meeting, webinar and learn more. Or, if you’re ready to apply, please click here. To apply in Spanish please click here.

02. For Educators and Administrators

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The KY Collaborative invites you to attend these FREE Family Engagement in Education Learning Exchanges based on your interest and role in Kentucky schools. Each session centers on peer-to-peer learning, simple strategies that can be implemented now, and current national best practices.

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Interested in becoming a Family Friendly School? Check out the newly release Quick Guide to Certification or for more information about becoming Family Friendly click here:

03. For Community Members

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Exciting things in education are happening in communities across Kentucky. We’d love to hear your story! Share with us how your community is building a Groundswell for education locally. Follow this link to learn more about Groundswell and to sign up to become a member.

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Equity Toolkit Release: Please see attached NCFL’s newest toolkit! With financial support from the Kentucky Collaborative for Families and Schools, NCFL worked in partnership with Academy of Music Production Education and Development (AMPED) parents, and Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) to produce the Equity in Family Engagement Toolkit to support educators as they engage with families toward student learning and achievement outcomes. Captured throughout 12 parent meetings, family voice is interwoven throughout each of the seven modules—demonstrating an ongoing commitment to family partnerships and equitable learning spaces. The toolkit’s purpose is to provide educators with tools and strategies that promote equity and inclusion and allow all students to be seen, visible, and valued in their classrooms and schools.  Kristen Whitaker and Dr. Stephanie White will share the Toolkit at the 2022 National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) conference in December.  View the Equity Toolkit here.

04. Upcoming Events

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Save the Date-November 14-18th Family Engagement in Education Week

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NCFL Conference: Looking for innovative strategies to support families in family engagement, literacy, and leadership? The 2022 Families Learning Conference offers a schedule of engaging sessions as well as opportunities to connect with people from across the country who are passionate about supporting families. This year’s conference is a hybrid experience with a virtual portion October 25th and 26th and in-person Regional Meetups November 4th in Nashville and December 2nd in Phoenix. Learn why you won’t want to miss #NCFL22 by visiting Now through October 24th, save $75 off registration with discount code FRIENDSOFNCFL. Register today!

A network of families, educators and community partners increasing effective family-school partnerships in Kentucky


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