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Transition Readiness: The Kentucky Definition

Kentucky has identified eleven ways our high school students can show that they are ready for success in college or a career, with schools getting credit if students fulfill any one of the eleven options. There are six academic readiness options:

And five career readiness options:

Those options are set up in the regulation creating our new accountability system, 703 KAR 5:270. Under that regulation, the Transition Readiness Indicator will reflect four kinds of data on high school graduates:

  • Students demonstrating academic readiness
  • Students demonstrating career readiness
  • English learners who meet criteria for English language proficiency
  • Students who participate in the alternative assessment program and meet academic or career readiness criteria on those assessments

While the accountability regulation is fully approved and already in effect, changes to graduation requirements are being debated now. The Kentucky Board of Education is considering amendments to the regulation on diplomas, including one to require students to “be transition-ready as defined in 703 KAR 5:270 in order to receive a Kentucky high school diploma.”
I’ll close by mentioning one uncertainty. Does the graduation proposal mean students must show academic readiness or career readiness? Or does it mean students must show academic readiness, career readiness, English proficiency, or alternative assessment success? From the public discussion I think the intention is to count just the two readiness versions, but when I look at the accountability regulation, I think all four kinds of data might be included. I hope that point will become clearer as the discussion continues.