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  • Testimony to ARRS: A Meaningful High School Diploma for All

    Kentucky must develop a stronger high school experience that better prepares all students with the knowledge and skills they need for postsecondary success and employment. The state’s high school graduation requirements are an important foundation of expectation for what we provide to all students across the state – and for what the Department of Education…

  • Unity In Action

    As we head into the long weekend commemorating the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I reflect on that iconic picture of Dr. King at the Lincoln Memorial looking out toward the Washington Monument, over masses of people gathered to hear his address.  From deep in his breast arose the words we…

  • Kentucky Board of Education Moves Forward with Proposed New Minimum High School Graduation Requirements

    Today’s approval of the proposed new minimum high school graduation requirements by the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) includes the framework developed with business leader and educator engagement as well as the inclusion of high stakes requirements for students first introduced during the first reading of the KBE on Aug. 2. The board chose not to delay action as requested by community and civil rights organizations, as well as educator groups, which would have provided more time to allow research and evidence to inform the proposal. While this is disappointing, we encourage citizens and stakeholders to use the public comment period to pose their questions and make their concerns known. We’ve provided a timeline for the process below and will continue to provide research and analysis on the proposal to help ensure Kentucky employs the very best strategies to increase student success. “The basic framework of Kentucky’s proposal, developed over the last eight months, has the potential to be transformational for Kentucky’s students if we provide the time, resources, and guidance our educators need to deeply develop rich, rigorous, and relevant personalized pathways for our students,” said Brigitte Blom Ramsey. “As the process moves forward, the KBE and stakeholders should consider the perceived value-add of high stakes exit exams and if the tradeoffs in opportunity cost and systemic supports are where we want to place the state’s capacity” We are grateful to our partners who are also committed to the rigorous review of the research and more intentional public engagement on behalf of our students, including: the Louisville Urban League, Kentucky State Conference of NAACP Branches, the Urban League of Lexington – Fayette County, Teach for America -Appalachia and Partners for Education at Berea College.
  • What Research Tells Us About Exit Exams and the State Board of Education’s Responsibility

    The Prichard Committee and partner organizations have called for a delay of the Kentucky Board of Education’s vote on proposed minimum high school graduation requirements, requesting due diligence in the Board’s review of the proposal brought to them on Aug. 2, 2018. This is a critical issue given the changing nature of our economy and the fact that only 65 percent of Kentucky’s 2017 graduating seniors received a college or career ready diploma. The basic frame of the proposal, which includes a core academic foundation and more personalized pathways for students, holds promise for ensuring a more meaningful high school diploma for Kentucky students. Creating more meaningful diplomas is a critical issue given the changing nature of our economy and the fact that only 65 percent of Kentucky’s 2017 graduating seniors received a college or career ready diploma. However, two late additions to the proposal - exit exams in reading and mathematics and requiring a student to be transition ready to graduate - are vague in their details and have benefitted from little to no public discussion or input. If approved, the proposal would be a significant shift in Kentucky’s accountability model. Kentucky vests significant responsibility in an appointed body of citizens to the Kentucky Board of Education (KBE) and their hiring of a professional Commissioner to lead the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE). The weight of this responsibility requires the KBE and the KDE to thoroughly research and analyze proposals for assurance that they will serve to move our state system of public education and Kentucky’s students forward. With that in mind, the following is a review of the body of research on exit exams which we began to put together following the proposal to the KBE in August. While the details of the Department’s proposal have not been clearly spelled out and may not be identical to any one implementation model from other states, the findings of the research can and should be used to inform Kentucky’s approach to increasing student success.
  • Press Release: Latest School Accountability Results Call on Kentuckians to Come Together Around a Shared Vision for Progress in Public Education

    September 26, 2018
    For More Information, Contact:
    Brigitte Blom Ramsey, Executive Director
    (office) 859-233-9849
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    Latest School Accountability Results Call on Kentuckians to Come Together Around a Shared Vision for Progress in Public Education
    Committee Calls for a New Generation of Citizens to Mobilize for Better Schools
    The results released last night from the Kentucky Department of Education show…

  • Preparing Our Students for the Economy of Today and the Future: Ensuring a Meaningful High School Diploma

    By now everyone knows and widely accepts that a postsecondary degree or certificate is important for future success. Projections for Kentucky show that 62% of jobs by 2020 will require some level of postsecondary education. And, given the speed of technological advancement resulting in changes to our economy, we know, intuitively, we are preparing our young…

  • Welcome to Ed.

    For thirty-five years, the Prichard Committee has been talking about education. From books to reports, town halls and study groups, we’ve used many forums for these important discussions. Today, we launch a new one.
    Welcome to Ed. – a blog about excellence with equity in education.
    We’ll breakdown the most relevant topics in education policy from early childhood…

  • Prichard Statement on NAEP results

    This Prichard Committee statement was released this afternoon.
    NAEP Results Signal Serious Concern About Declining Progress in Education Sense of Urgency Necessary to Return Kentucky to a Positive Path
    LEXINGTON, Ky. – The latest results from the National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP), released today, show a decline in fourth grade reading results and no meaningful improvement…