Kentucky Community Schools Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Will my application be rejected if a FRYSC coordinator is shared between two or more schools?

    No, this is a recommendation; not a requirement. Applicants will have an opportunity to provide rationale in narrative sections.

  2. When is the District Director expected to begin?

    Dec. 1st 2023

  3. How can the grant funds be spent?

    – Up to $150,000 per year is allocated for a Community Schools District Director position salary and fringe
    – Up to $150,000 is allocated for 2 school budgets ( $75,000 for each of the two schools).
    – School budgets will be determined by community and school needs assessments and data.

  4. Can a district apply if the district is made up of only one school?


  5. Can an early childhood center be included as a “school” in a district?

    No, but early childhood can be mentioned throughout the narrative portions of the application and program funding can be allocated to these services since this qualifies as one or more pipeline services.

  6. If my district is already receiving funding from a Full-Service Community Schools grant, should we apply?

    Not at this time.

  7. If my district applied for the 2023/4 Full-Service Community Schools grant (recipients will be notified in Dec. 2023), should we apply?

    Yes. If you are selected as a Prichard Committee District in September and then awarded by USED in December we will evaluate next steps at that time.

  8. Do the two schools that are chosen have to be feeder schools or a particular grade level?


  9. Does the Prichard Committee hire the District Director?

    No, Prichard Committee provides a template for the job description and funding for this cabinet-level position to be hired at the district-level. This person is accountable to grant deliverables, data requirements, and routine check-ins with Prichard Committee staff but reports to the District Superintendent.

  10. What support will the Prichard Committee be providing?

    See MOA in application

The application deadline is Sept. 8, 2023. Complete you application here!
If you have other questions, please see the MOA in the application or reach out to Travis Marcum, Sr Director of Community Schools with the Prichard Committee at:

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