Katherine ‘Sze man’ Robershaw

Director of Evaluation and Research
Katherine 'Sze Man' Robershaw, Ph.D., is the Director of Evaluation and Research at the Prichard Committee. Sze Man obtained her doctorate in Educational Policies and Evaluation from the University of Kentucky in 2021. Sze Man’s areas of expertise include Rasch measurement and survey methodology, which she frequently applies in her research on topics such as parents' perspectives on school choice, culturally responsive practices, and research analytics.

Prior to joining Prichard, Sze Man worked as a secondary school teacher and administrator for 12 years in Hong Kong. Sze Man taught undergraduate classes at the University of Kentucky and was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Berea College (2022). Her current work with Prichard involves the Kentucky Community Schools Initiative (KCSI) and supporting other Prichard strategies by leveraging data management and analytics to inform and strengthen state and local policy required for statewide impact.

During her spare time, Sze Man enjoys exercising, Saturday brunches, and movies with family and friends.