You’ve probably heard of Red Ribbon Week or Spirit Week, but have you heard about Family Engagement Week?

November 14-18th the Kentucky Collaborative for Families and Schools will be promoting and celebrating family-school partnerships. Because we know parent engagement in a child’s education leads to better student outcomes, our hope is that this week will encourage schools and families to reflect on how they can work together to build stronger partnerships.

If you’d like to join, here are a few good places to start:

  • Visit the website for a full list of activities: Week at a Glance – Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence
  • Join the social media buzz on Facebook @kycipl,  Twitter @KYFamEngage, TikTok @userkyfamengage, and follow hashtag @KYFamEngage22.
  • Attend Webinars: FamilyEngagementWeekFlyer.pdf (
  • Volunteer on Thursday, November 17, National Family Engagement Day! Check with your school about eating lunch with your student, helping a classroom, or performing a task for the teacher. If you have not completed a volunteer training or completed necessary forms this is a great week to get that done so that you are ready for the holiday season and second semester.

Pictured here is Superintendent, Kenny Bell signing the Wolfe County Family Engagement Proclamation.

Create your own unique engagement activity! Hashtag #KYFamEngage22 and share with us. Let us know if you plan to participate at this link.

This week-long celebration brought so much positivity to schools across Kentucky in 2021 we’ve made it a yearly event. Mark your calendars now for 2023! November 13th-17th


Senior Manager of Family Engagement The Prichard Committee

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