Access to equitable education can be a game-changer for Kentucky’s Black students

Our first day of conversations during Black Minds Matter week featured Dr. O.J. Oleka, executive director of the Association for Independent Kentucky Colleges & Universities, and Mandy McLaren, an education reporter for the Louisville Courier-Journal. Prichard Committee President & CEO Brigitte Blom Ramsey interviewed both about racial inequities in Kentucky’s…

Reducing Gaps so Gifted Children Can Thrive

Four gaps persist and get in the way of children and young people with gifts and talents reaching their potential. These four gaps are the Belief Gap, Opportunity Gap, Achievement Gap, and Excellence Gap.

Innovations in Education: Internet access is a basic necessity

This week on Innovation in Education, we focused on the need for universal broadband internet access in Kentucky. Three months into the COVID-19 pandemic, having a stable internet connection to the world outside our homes has proven to be vital to our economy, our education system, and our way of…
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