Over the past year, the Class of 2021 experienced stinging sacrifices, potentially life-changing insights and a range of hardships and new options they describe as certain to shape their entry into the adult world. As glimmers emerge promising a return to normal school operations after a year of remote learning,…

Time for Communities to Come to the Table

As our children are heading back to school, the COVID-19 vaccine is become more available, and many of us are beginning to head back to our respective offices, our attention is rightly turning to recovery. For us at the Prichard Committee, that means education recovery. How do we take everything…

What Does the American Rescue Plan Mean for Education in Kentucky?

Kentucky is expected to receive an estimated $2.4 billion from the American Recovery Plan’s State Fiscal Recovery Fund.  This large pot of money can be used for a broad set of purposes including infrastructure necessary for our future success – like broadband (for which the General Assembly already dedicated $250…

How has the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted College Students?

We asked current and prospective Kentucky college students to share how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their education plans and experiences.  Questions were asked of high school seniors, currently and/or recently enrolled college students, and adults not currently enrolled in higher education.  Nearly 1,000 responded in total.
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