Do you want Kentucky students to have the best schools in the nation? Do you want continued and sustained improvement in our schools?

If so, then join our collective voices calling for continually improved education for all Kentuckians. While Kentucky has risen to the middle of the pack of all states in educational rankings, we need to redouble our efforts to increase student achievement for all students while closing achievement gaps.

Your support is vital to the Prichard Committee’s role of being that watchful eye to make sure Kentucky stays on the path of continuous progress and maintains focus on the goal of leading the nation by 2020. Since 1983, the Committee has worked to study priority issues, inform the public and policy makers about best practices and engage business leaders, families, students, and other citizens to demand educational excellence and equity for all children, from their earliest years through postsecondary education.

The Committee receives no local, state or federal financial support. Our work is funded solely by contributions from private individuals and institutions, including support from 125 members across the state, who dedicate themselves to learning about relevant issues, educating school and community leaders in their own regions, and advocating for policies that are critical for our state’s educational progress. Your investment in the Prichard Committee, combined with the gifts of other generous contributors, goes to work immediately to help advocate for our state’s educational excellence.

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Larry Holladay
 “Give what you can to the Prichard Committee. Now. It will make a difference. Modest personal donations collectively move foundations to understand the value Kentucky places on quality public education.” 
Brigitte Blom Ramsey
 “When we come together with a shared vision and commitment to the education of the next generation, improvement is possible.” 
Bonnie Lash Freeman
 “There are many reasons I give financially to the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence! There is a reason why Excellence is in our name! All that we do for Kentucky’s children and families is Excellent. My money is on Excellence! I give monthly so I can remember to do so! I give monthly so I will give regularly. Won’t you join me in financially supporting this organization and the students of Kentucky?”