Deadline: September 22, 2023

What is CIPL? The Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (CIPL) is a continuum of engagement and leadership development for families, schools and communities to increase academic success of Kentucky students and progress of Kentucky’s public schools. Powerful partnerships are achieved, when active champions for education honor and recognize the connection between families and schools, as a core strategy for improving student academic achievement. You can find information about CIPL engagement opportunities on our website at https://prichardcommittee.org/familyengagement/

What is the CIPL Fellowship?  The CIPL Fellowship is designed to offer participants information related to Kentucky’s education system and key topics relevant today to help increase success for all students.  The Fellowship provides candidates with a unique opportunity to connect with others that share their determination and experience; brainstorm ideas about their local work; share valuable connections and resources; and build strong peer-to-peer relationships that are relied upon for support and ideas. Through the completion of webinars, networking opportunities, community leadership, statewide events, and local projects candidates become Fellows.

Who can apply to become a CIPL Fellow?

All parents, guardians, mentors and other community members in any Kentucky county who support K-12 public school students and want to expand their capacity as citizen champions for education.  A CIPL Candidate is someone who believes public education is critical to the economic and social well-being of Kentucky, is committed to equity and excellence in education from early childhood through postsecondary and is committed to helping their student and their student’s peers excel.  If you share these beliefs, desire to join other Kentucky parents in learning and you can commit to approximately 1-2 hours a week, then this Fellowship is for you. 

Participants commit to:

  • Virtual Orientation (October): Participate in a one-hour virtual orientation to meet other Fellows and get an overview of the goals, opportunities and activities of the Fellowship.
  • Deeper Dive Webinars (October – April): Participate in a track of webinars that provide deep content to understand Kentucky’s education system and key topics relevant today to help increase student success. Topics include but not limited to Education Reform & Accountability, Student Performance Over Time & Achievement Gaps, Adequate and Equitable Funding – Kentucky’s Seek Formula, Community Leadership, Social Determinants of Health and Success.
  • Community Leadership and Groundswell Action: Take what you’ve learned into your community in a way that engages parents/citizens and helps deepen commitment to student success. This could be hosting a dedicated community conversation with a goal of continuing the conversation over time, pursuing membership on a Site Based Decision-Making Council or school board, or designing a unique project.
  • Share Your Story: Write a brief report highlighting what you learned, how you’ve grown as a parent leader, and what you hope to accomplish in your community as a result.
  • Join the Groundswell Initiative to receive updates and information from The Prichard Committee: Groundswell – Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence
  • Kentucky Parent Retreat (Winter 2023) and The Groundswell Summit: Fellowship Graduation (TBD):
    • Attend the Parent Leadership Retreat in the fall to network with the Class of 2024.
    • Attend the Groundswell Summit where you will learn and network with other parents, guardians and Fellows. Participants who have completed the Fellowship will be recognized at this event as the CIPL Class of 2024.

In return, participants receive:

  • Foundational information to understand the state of education in Kentucky
  • Networking events with other CIPL Fellows

A letter of recognition sent to their local school district, newspaper and the KY Commissioner, Department of Education and Council on Postsecondary, President.

  • Recognition at the Annual Parent Leadership Summit in the Spring

1 Step 1
Indicate ways in which you are currently involved in your school or in your community:select all that apply

MY GOALS FOR PARENT LEADERSHIP ARE (please list three goals):


  • Attending the annual The Groundswell Summit and inviting other parents to join me there.

  • Participation in required webinars
  • Participation in networking conversations and cafes
  • Taking what I learn into my community in a way that works best for my community. This could be a dedicated community conversation with a goal of continuing the conversation over time,  or designing a unique project.
  • A written report that highlight’s what I’ve learned, how I’ve grown as a parent leader, and what I hope to accomplish in my community as a result. A template will be provided for you

Values and Principles:

  • As a parent leader I promote equity for all students within my district and this state.  Equity for all means I am in full agreement with the imperative to close achievement gaps and provide the resources and supports for all students to meet and exceed their potential. This means placing special focus on marginalized student groups, including but not limited to students with learning differences, students from low-income homes, English language learners, Black, Hispanic, and refugee students.
  • As a parent leader I am responsible for modeling equity as it is defined by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary: justice according to natural law or right.
  • I am willing to attend trainings and other opportunities for development of competency in cultural responsiveness and implicit bias.

*By typing your name, you agree to the above Commitments, Values, and Principals

Questions? Contact Laura Beard at laura.beard@prichardcommittee.org or (859) 750-6247

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