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  • Tough choices must be made to ensure children continue to learn at a steady pace through pandemic

    This week, we at the Prichard Committee will be discussing solutions to education delivery for the 2020-21 school year on our weekly episode of Innovations in Education. Panelists will include Rockcastle County Schools Superintendent Carrie Ballinger, Ballard County Schools Superintendent Casey Allen, Fayette County Success Academy Principal Dr. Janice Wyatt-Ross, Kentucky School Boards Association Government Affairs Director Eric Kennedy, and Southern Regional Education Board President Dr. Stephen Pruitt.
  • Defining College Affordability Matters More Now, Than Ever: Part III

    Ultimately, the test of affordability is in student success. If students do not complete their course of study, it is unlikely that that they will deem their experience as “affordable.” Assisting students financially is fundamental, but providing the supports necessary to succeed academically and reach the finish line is also critical. We highlight here a sampling of on-campus efforts (as well as at the Council on Postsecondary Education) that contribute to student success – and ultimately affordability.
  • Defining College Affordability Matters More Now, Than Ever: Part II

    What is Affordability? Nothing like restating the obvious question! But we have to start with what students really have to pay. And this is where Kentucky might have a bright spot or two – in case you thought the trends in Part I of this blog were depressing. When we focus only on rising tuition costs, it leaves out other important cost and resource considerations – namely room, board, and other living expenses, as well as resources students get from financial aid. When you combine all this together, you get to the clearer measure of real costs to students – Net Price – the amount left over to be covered by student resources (i.e. savings, student debt, work).
  • Call for Racial Equity & Justice: As a nation and in Kentucky, we are failing to deliver a high-quality education for Black students

    Yesterday, in light of recent events of police brutality giving rise to state, national, & international protests, the Prichard Committee called on the state’s elected and appointed leaders to require competency in cultural responsiveness and implicit bias for all those working, or training to work, in the public sector.
  • A Call for Racial Equity & Justice

    We can no longer wait for another generation to pass while the slow lever of policy change takes hold. We must insist on a new kind of change now, change that will remedy the injustices that have been waged on Black communities for generations and end deeply embedded and persistent racism.
  • In COVID-19 era, internet access is a basic necessity

    Two months have passed since businesses and schools across the Commonwealth began shutting their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As educators and business began adapting, one thing became abundantly clear: the internet is as necessary as electricity and plumbing is for our daily lives. As social distancing becomes a matter of life and death, a connection to the world outside our homes is vital to our economy, our education system, and our way of life.
  • Council on Postsecondary Education sets tuition policy

    The Council on Postsecondary Education set tuition policy for the next academic year, as well as released the 2020 annual progress report for Kentucky’s public colleges and universities at today’s quarterly meeting. Unsurprisingly, the impact of the COVID-19 public health crisis on Kentucky students and our postsecondary institutions colored much of the discussion. As Kentucky institutions have shifted to on-line learning for the remainder of the spring term, uncertainty remains as to how students and campuses will respond through the summer and into the next academic year. This uncertainty will impact Kentucky’s ability to maintain progress toward educational attainment goals and the types of innovative strategies that will be necessary to ensure student success.
  • An open letter to Kentucky’s education leaders: Use CARES funds to ensure excellence with equity and innovation in education

    An open letter to Gov. Beshear, Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman, Interim Education Commissioner Kevin Brown, members of the Kentucky Board of Education, and Council on Postsecondary Education President Aaron Thompson: More than six weeks ago Kentucky schools, childcare centers and colleges closed to protect families, educators and administrators during an unprecedented public health crisis. We now find ourselves in unknown educational territory, as parents and educators work tirelessly to provide at-home learning opportunities for the students of the Commonwealth.