A Big Bold Future for Kentucky

By Susan Perkins Weston | December 8, 2022

In 2020, the Prichard Committee urged all Kentuckians to join the work of creating a Big Bold Future for our Commonwealth. To frame that work, we identified twelve indicators. Together, these data points let us:

  • Compare our work to other states
  • Analyze trends over the years
  • See results for Kentuckians of varied backgrounds and ages
  • Find cause for celebration
  • Recognize areas of concern

In 2022, returning to those indicators, we see some bright spots.

Bluntly, we also see shadows. Many indicators warrant our concern. Our effort to build a Big Bold Future are struggling.

Our 2022 reporting confirms the need for renewed and expanded efforts.

Let’s look at the data and then consider how to engage the challenges.


Susan Perkins Weston analyzes Kentucky data and policy, and she’s always on the lookout for ways to enrich the instructional core where students and teachers work together on learning content. Susan is an independent consultant who has been taking on Prichard Committee assignments since 1991. She is a Prichard Committee Senior Fellow.

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