In 2020, the Prichard Committee urged all Kentuckians to join the work of creating a Big Bold Future for our Commonwealth. To frame that work, we identified twelve indicators. Together, these data points let us:

• Compare our work to other states
• Analyze trends over the years
• See results for Kentuckians of varied backgrounds and ages
• Find cause for celebration
• Recognize areas of concern

In 2022, returning to those indicators, we see some bright spots.

Bluntly, we also see shadows.

Many indicators warrant our concern. Our effort to build a Big Bold Future are struggling.

This 2022 reporting confirms the need for renewed and expanded efforts.

Let’s look at the data and then consider how to engage the challenges.





Overall, a tough season for Kentucky


  • 3rd in high school graduations
  • 6th in two-year postsecondary graduations
  • 15th in voter turnout
  • Middle third & rising on birthweight, four-year postsecondary graduations


  • 29th in grade 4 reading (lowest ranks since 50 state NAEP participation began)
  • 41st in grade 8 mathematics (also lowest)
  • Bottom third & falling on children above 200% of poverty, preschool enrollment, postsecondary enrollment
  •  Bottom fifth on associate attainment, median income
  • Failure to create full access, opportunity, respect and support for Black and Latino Kentuckians

…and time to join in new work

Join Us to Build a Big Bold Future

For Kentuckians to flourish, education must become a pathway that works for all of us. We invite you to join us in work to:

  • Build a Groundswell of local community action to equip each and every student for success and meet each learner’s unique needs
  • Advocate state policies that build toward excellence with equity at all levels of learning
  • Press for Big Bold Ask financial investments in learning from early childhood to postsecondary education