About Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership

The Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (GCIPL) offers multiple opportunities for parents to develop their school leadership and advocacy skills. Generous corporate and foundation underwriting allows us to offer workshops and our signature institute free of charge. Click here to read more about our current workshop offerings.

It is patterned after the Commonwealth Insitute for Parent Leadership (CIPL) that was developed by the Prichard Committee in 1997 as a way to support informed, skilled, and parents as effective advocates who are passionate about improving Kentucky public schools.

Since its inception, CIPL has trained an army of more than 1,700 Kentucky parents on how to effectively advocate for high-quality schools. More than four dozen CIPL fellows have served on school boards,  over 750 have served on school councils, and hundreds more are involved daily in education advocacy.

The CIPL program was so successful that the Center for Parent Leadership program was then formed by the Prichard Committee to serve 10 other states and Washington, D.C. who have adopted it to help improve their schools too. The Center for Parent Leadership work is now part of the Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership.

Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership (GCIPL)

On November 19, 2012, Governor Steve Beshear announced the formation of the Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership to to engage and educate parents and community members to be strong and effective leaders in Kentucky schools.

“We know how important it is to invest in education for the future of Kentucky, and we can’t overlook parents as a critical resource,” Gov. Beshear said. “Engaging families in improving schools has benefits that extend far beyond the students whose parents participate in the training. We have parents in our communities who want to help our schools and our students achieve excellence. The Governor’s Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership will help them do that.”

Click here to check out the slide show from the announcement and read the official press release from Gov. Steve Beshear announcing GCIPL. Click here to read about the partnership between GCIPL, Morehead State University, and University of Pikeville to bring GCIPL to Eastern KY. Click here to read the press release about the proposed partnership between GCIPL and KY Protection & Advocacy. To schedule a workshop in your area or for more information about what we do, contact Molly Toney at mtoney@prichardcommittee.org or 859-233-9849 ext. 226. To find out dates for our signature institute, click here.

Mission and Purpose

The purpose of GCIPL is to:

  • Educate parents about how to assess the progress of their children’s schools;
  • Inform parents how to become involved as partners in improving those schools;
  • Motivate parents to help other parents become involved; and
  • Support parents after they become involved.

Below is a video that explains the foundation of GCIPL based on the Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership and the Center for Parent Leadership in greater detail. The clip includes testimonials from parents, educators, and administrators.