Top 20 by 2020

Top 20 by 2020 is a statewide campaign for continued education reform. Its central goal is to propel Kentucky to rank in the top 20 states for student achievement by 2020.

2012 UPDATE: Solid student achievement is fueling Kentucky’s efforts to move into the top tier of states on key education measures, even as overall state funding, preschool enrollment, and earning four-year college degrees show long-term challenges for the state. “Achieving the Top 20 by 2020: An Update (2012)” (December 2012 Press Release)

2010 UPDATE: Kentucky has made important progress toward reaching the nation’s top tier of states on several indicators of education performance, but is flat or losing ground on others. The result: clear evidence that the state needs to work harder to deliver for its children and future. Those findings are included in a new report from the Prichard Committee, “Achieving the Top 20 by 2020: An Update (2010).Click here for the press release for more details.

Original 2008 Report: Kentucky Schools: Achieving the Top 20 by 2020: Details where Kentucky is and how far it needs to go to achieve top 20 status.

Supporting Documents: Top 20 Detail (Download) 10 Step Detail (Download) 10 Challenges Detail (Download)

Highlight Video of Top 20 Pep Rally

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