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Student Voice Team Fact Sheet


Who We Are:  The Student Voice Team is comprised of a team of middle and high school students working closely with the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence to amplify the voices of Kentucky youth on the classroom impact of education policy issues.  The overarching vision is to position students as partners in improving Kentucky schools.

What We Do:  We look for opportunities to collaborate with other student and adult leaders to create ways to share student perspectives on education issues with an intergenerational audience.  So far, this has included such initiatives as:

  • speaking at statewide education summits and local rallies and organizing a social media campaign featuring students on the impact of inadequate school funding;
  • testifying before the Joint Legislative Education Committee about how students can contribute to the teacher feedback loop;
  • publishing a series of commentaries in local and national news media outlets on a variety of education policy issues;
  • facilitating, documenting, and sharing via social media and live presentations policy-oriented conversations with middle and high school students across Kentucky; and ,
  • leading a national Twitter chat with other high school and college students who are part of the burgeoning student voice movement.

To see for yourself, click here to see some of our archived multimedia materials or check out our latest activity on Facebook at 
Why We Do It:  We believe students are an untapped resource when it comes to improving our schools.  After spending 35 plus hours a week over many years observing school systems up close, many have developed a set of expertise that they are able and more than willing to share to make the education experience better.
How You Can Do It Too:  For more information, contact Rachel Belin, or (859) 233-9849 x 233.